Thursday, April 29, 2010

Quake Standards Group redirects to and is apparently parked by an Israeli ISP of some kind or another:

I figured I would post links to the archived versions and duplicated content as I come across them.
For the old tutorials:
For the site itself, the last useful copy on the web archives is:
After that date the archive doesn't have much except for a splash page about the site going down and/or SQL errors.
Given that the quakesrc forums were where most of the useful information actually was (far beyond the few things that actually got made into tutorials), here is a direct link to them from that date:
The links within the forum don't work, but they should give you an idea what to search for within
While searching for the information, I discovered that Pat Aftermoon (frequent quakesrc contributor) already has something like this up on his site:
Additionally, this inside3d thread provides a bunch of useful information:
I hope that somebody finds this useful. When I get some time, I might try to extricate my Bleeding Eye Studios forum and see what I (NeVo) had in there (I still have the vast majority of the code for my Quake2 project, but I do not recall where I left off). L

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