Thursday, April 29, 2010

Who Am I

I am a computer-programming hobbyist. I have some formal training in Computer Science; however, the stuff they teach you in school seems to have little to no application in real-world programming. Once upon a time I deconstructed the Quake 2 GPL engine and ran an ill-fated 3.22 update project on (the Quake Standards Group) – unfortunately, nobody else wanted to contribute to the project and the version of Quake 2 superseded my project in spirit. Reading through the Quake 2 source page by page, function by function, and tracing the execution path from WinMain onward taught me orders of magnitude more about coding than any university ever could (especially because my university at the time switched from Java to Scheme… can you get any more useless?). Real life, by which I mean the war, interrupted my Quake 2 project and all of my other programming endeavors; however, I am now in a situation where I can dabble in it again at my leisure. A description of the systems I will be using to code is in order I suppose:

2x Windows 7 x64 4 GB RAM systems with dual core processors (1x AMD and 1x Intel) and DirectX 10.1 video cards (1x ATI and 1x Nvidia).

Subversion Server hosted on my Windows Home Server by VisualSVN, running TortoiseSVN and AnkhSVN for clients for Windows Explorer and Visual Studio respectively.

My IDE on both systems is Visual Studio 2010.

For concurrency, I will primarily be using Intel Threading Building Blocks, although I am open to alternatives.

The project I am currently putting together will be closed source, although I may release code snippets to the public domain as I see fit.

Time for me to get to the setup of my systems…

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